Welding Custom Fabrication mobile

Our Approach

Big Dog Welding, LLC provides the professional mobile welding service that guarantees the highest quality results for your welding needs. With 25 years of welding experience, you can count on our professional, expert touch for any welding project.

Choose the best in the welding industry, and start running with the big dogs!


Our Story

We specialize in full service welding company capabilities that include custom welding, aluminum welding, steel welding, black iron welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, and much more. Our company is capable of design and build, as well as mobile services for your convenience. We are professional, skilled, and knowledgeable, offering you the best opportunity for a superior result for your next project.

Call Big Dog Welding, LLC in Bear Creek, NC today for the welding service that always exceeds expectations. Let us show you what the professional difference can mean for your welding needs.


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